Russia and Ukraine war update | 10 OCT Crimea Bridge Attack

The Crimea Bridge was built by Putin when the country had no direct link with Russia after the annexation of Crimea. He had given the contract to build this bridge to the company of his judo partner. When this bridge was built in 2018, Putin himself inaugurated it by driving a truck.

Crimea Bridge Attack

The Crimea bridge has suddenly become a focal point in the Russia-Ukraine war that has been going on for more than 7 months. The Crimea Bridge connecting the Black Sea and the Azov Sea is said to be an important artery of Russia’s economic activities. This bridge is important for the supply of fuel, food and other products to Crimea. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has its base in Sevastopol, Crimea.

The military importance of this bridge can be gauged from the fact that after the attack on Ukraine on February 24, Russia is sending its military forces to Crimea through this bridge. From Crimea itself, Russia is able to easily capture Khorasan and Zaporizhia in southern Ukraine. This bridge is also an important means for making telecommunication links in Russia.

There was a terrible blast on this bridge on Saturday. The blast caused extensive damage to the bridge. Due to this blast, the railway line built on the bridge was burnt and the road line was destroyed. The flames emanating from the cargo train passing through this bridge are making media headlines and these pictures have given a serious blow to Putin’s reputation.

Putin’s Pride Crimea Bridge

This 19-km-long bridge built on the Kerch Strait is a great example of engineering. Putin captured Crimea in 2014 and rubbed it into Russia. Now Putin had the challenge of connecting the Crimean Mainland with Russia. Because there was no direct link between Crimea and Russia. Let us tell you that between Crimea and Russia there is the Black Sea and Azov Sea.

In 2016, Putin ordered the construction of this historic bridge of military importance. President Putin got it done on a war footing and shed money on water. It cost $3.7 billion to build this bridge.

Putin inaugurated by driving a truck

When this iconic bridge was ready in 2018, the world was stunned. It seemed that someone had drawn a line in the middle of the ocean. Putin himself inaugurated this bridge with great enthusiasm by driving a truck and opening the road section to the public.

It is the longest bridge in Europe and the largest bridge built by Russia. There is a system of both road and rail routes on this bridge. Trucks and trains run over this bridge and ships pass through between the pillars of the bridge below. Putin gave the construction of this bridge to the company of his judo partner.

How did the attack happen?

On Saturday, this bridge was attacked by a truck. Russia says the truck contained explosives. He called the attack a terrorist act. This attack took place between Tuzla Island and Kerch. Putin said that “it is clear that the Ukrainian Secret Service ordered, organized and carried out the terrorist attack on the bridge”. Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the blast on the bridge but has celebrated it.



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