Is losing weight like a mountain

Sumit Patial
2 min readMar 13, 2022

Do you also think that reducing weight nowadays is like climbing the world’s tallest small climb? That’s what I think. Everyone knows how to reduce weight, but still, nowadays people are busy finding such medicine to reduce the weight as soon as possible. They want to lose weight without improving their eating habits.

So is man becoming lethargic? Is technology making us sluggish? So far it looks like this. Today’s children are busy playing indoor games or rather video games. They don’t like talking to anyone. They do not like to go out of the house. So is it right for young generations? If they do not do any physical activity, then what will be its effect on their mental and physical health.

But it is not that technology dominates only children. Its effect is being seen on elders too. Nowadays we also go out of the house, in such a situation it will also have an effect on our children. And this is the biggest thing to do with obesity.

Yes, I know it is easy to gain weight but it is very difficult to lose weight. But still, how can you get good results till you do not work hard. Right now I am going to tell you about two such apps, by subscribing to which you can easily reduce your weight. And yes you can make six abs too.

  1. NOOM
  2. Weight Watchers

Both are very popular apps. Yes but both these apps are not free. Noom and Weight Watchers are both subscription-based apps and you can take their free trial. And if you think that you are getting benefits in weight loss through any of these apps, then you can continue the subscription. If you want to cancel the subscriptions of Noom or Weight Watchers for any reason, then you can also do this.

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But it is not that you can lose weight only by taking a subscription to apps. If you take a good diet, do regular exercise and yoga, then you yourself can also reduce your weight. No work is easy but we have to make it easy with our hard work.

So that’s why no work gets done anywhere. If you do any earning diligently then that work gets completed. There are many products in the market today which claim that you can easily reduce the weight without doing anything.

But all these are useless unless you exercise. Your day and mind are both healthy after exercising. And it also helps you in reducing weight.



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